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What to Look For When Buying a Diamond

Whether you’re buying an engagement ring, a necklace or other jewelry, a diamond is a major investment, and many buyers don’t know where to start. We’ve prepared this buying guide to assist customers in the Michigan area and around the world in how to buy a beautiful, quality gemstone that will last for generations.


A gemstone’s cut determines how bright and fiery the gem appears. If the cut is too deep or too shallow, light doesn’t refract off the stone properly and never reaches the eye, which can create a dull or flat appearance. A well-cut gem will cause light to bounce off all the stone’s facets, coming back to the eye and making the stone appear brilliant and sparkly.


Clarity refers to the stone’s lack of internal mineral inclusions or other impurities as well as external blemishes. These may cause a stone to appear cloudy or feathery, or there may even be crystals visible inside the stone. Small inclusions do not necessarily change the visual appearance of a stone, and some even find subtle inclusions to be desirable.


While most people believe that diamonds are clear or colorless, they’re generally various shades of yellow or brown. These are often very subtle variations in color, and may not be clearly visible to most observers. Completely colorless diamonds are actually very rare and therefore, more expensive.


A stone’s carat is simply its weight. One carat equals 200 milligrams, so a five carat diamond, for example, weighs one full gram.

Other Factors

Shape is another factor that affects a diamond’s appearance. Diamonds are cut into a number of shapes, ranging from square princess-cuts to elegant pear-shapes to perfectly round, brilliant-cut diamonds.
Additionally, all jewelry will have gems in different settings with a range of designs. The exact design of the jewelry is an individualized choice based on style.


All of Greis Jewelers’ diamonds are certified from a recognized laboratory for the diamond’s weight, color, clarity, finish and cut. These labs are completely objective, so you can be sure you are purchasing genuine, quality gem

We’re Here for You

Greis’ team of expert gemologists is here to help you select the right diamond for your needs. We aim to make your purchase an easy process, so that you can be confident that you’ve chosen the perfect gemstone.